Hi there, I'm Lou Lesko, a photographer and writer who won a few prestigious awards working as the former, and who got a couple of books published toiling as the latter. (The first book was wildly successful, the second tanked spectacularly and continues to haunt the online halls of Amazon at night in a state of purgatorial confusion.)

Fashion and photojournalism were my photographic genres, an odd pairing at first blush, but they meshed together fabulously. The visual storytelling skill demanded by the photojournalism inspired the creativity for the fashion. The fashion provided access to the glam slam, invitations to fabulous celebrity attended parties, and a paycheck.

There’s a ton more to be found in-between the lines above, including a three year stint as an editor-at-large for National Geographic, and founding BlinkBid bidding and producing software. But, if the whole story were told here, there’d be nothing to talk about over drinks.